Medical gloves are one of the items to help protect health, avoid infection and prevent the current outbreak of COVID-19, so medical gloves are being sought by many people. But it is better to buy natural latex gloves or mixed compare of nitrile gloves
compare of nitrile gloves

Why are medical gloves important?

Medical gloves are thin, light, tough gloves that hug and protect hands from direct contact with pathogens. This is considered one of the indispensable tools to help protect people, playing an important role in medicine, food, chemical research… compare of nitrile gloves

Avoid infection: Medical gloves help actively prevent the risk of infection when directly in contact with the blood or dirt of others. Therefore, gloves are consumed by hospitals every day in huge quantities.
The team of nurses and doctors are required to wear medical gloves when performing surgery, examining and working with patients to protect themselves and avoid the risk of infection and cross transmission.
In addition, family members who take care of patients with infectious diseases must also use medical gloves to protect themselves.
Create a feeling of peace of mind, increase work efficiency: Medical gloves have a compact design with high elasticity, so they are suitable for many hand sizes. Medical gloves are very thin, close to the skin, creating a comfortable feeling that helps protect the body and does not lose the feeling of the skin when touching objects. Especially when wearing medical gloves, it helps people feel safe when in contact with the patient’s blood, discharge, and bodily fluids, increasing work efficiency.
Avoid direct contact with chemicals: Medical gloves help protect hands from direct contact with toxic chemicals in drugs, laboratory chemicals or food protection chemicals in food processing areas. compare of nitrile gloves

Notes on using medical gloves

  • Using medical gloves is extremely necessary for doctors and nurses to protect their own health as well as that of patients. When using medical gloves, although simple, there are still some regulations as follows:
  • In a normal environment without blood or infectious diseases, it is best to limit wearing medical gloves to avoid waste
  • Use your own gloves, do not share them with anyone
  • Physicians must change into new gloves when examining each patient. Absolutely do not use one glove to visit many patients.
  • Do not wear your hands when doing book work, paperwork or answering the phone. compare of nitrile gloves
  • When wearing gloves contaminated with the patient’s blood or fluids, they should be removed immediately after completing the work and disposed of in the designated place.

Compare Nitrile medical gloves and Latex medical gloves

What are latex gloves?

Latex gloves are gloves extracted from 100% natural rubber. Using this rubber cap along with some heat safe chemicals makes rubber gloves safe for the skin. However, because rubber tree hats contain latex components, it is easy to cause allergies and skin irritation in some people. Latex gloves include powdered and non-powdered types. compare of nitrile gloves

Classification of latex gloves

There is powder: the inside of the glove often contains cornstarch to reduce the friction and adhesion of the glove to the skin so that it can be worn quickly and easily. However, having powder in the gloves will not ensure hygiene and pose a risk to human health while taking care of patients or doing surgery…Many people who have an itchy, uncomfortable reaction to cornstarch will not be able to You can wear these powdered latex gloves.
Powder-free: These gloves are usually coated with a layer of chlorine or polymer on the surface to prevent sticking. This type is usually non-allergic and tight to the hands, so it is preferred over powdered products, used in medicine, biology, electronic equipment … compare of nitrile gloves

Advantages of latex gloves

High tear resistance, good adhesion: Latex gloves are natural gloves, so the adhesion is much better than nitrile gloves.
ight, comfortable to use: good elasticity, suitable for many people with different hand sizes. Besides, it adheres and hugs tightly in the hand to create a comfortable feeling.
Sensitivity and accuracy when working: Latex gloves are like a second skin that not only protects the skin of the hands, avoiding the risk of infection at work, but also creates a real feeling when in contact with people. objects to increase work efficiency.
No bad smell: rubber caps are mixed with anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-odor chemicals. This helps the glove not to hiss, no longer smell of rubber, bring a pleasant feeling, no unpleasant smell when used.
Biodegradability, environmentally friendly: using completely from rubber hats, it can be biodegraded very well, safe for the environment.
Reasonable price: The price of latex gloves is relatively cheap, suitable for many consumers.
compared of nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves
Nitrile medical gloves are gloves made from nitrile butadiene rubber – a non-latex synthetic rubber that is safe for the skin, especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, prone to allergies. compare of nitrile gloves

Advantages of nitrile gloves compared to latex gloves

Superior puncture resistance: Nitrile gloves are made from neoprene, so they are more resilient and durable than latex gloves. However, if it has been punctured, it will completely tear.
Resistance to many different chemicals: the composition contains many different substances, so it has good resistance to grease and chemicals, so it is popular and widely used in the fields of direct contact with many chemicals. chemical industry, industry, hospital, laboratory, etc.
High temperature resistance: nitrile gloves have the ability to withstand high temperatures, it solves the weakness of latex gloves used only at low temperatures, so nitrile gloves are also used in the umbrella industry Bowl.
Safe without skin irritation: with synthetic chemical components that have been removed from harmful substances, ingredients that cause skin allergies, suitable for people who are allergic to latex gloves. compare of nitrile gloves
Easy-to-see colors: this type of blue and black gloves making it easy to identify when punctured and degraded.
Disadvantages of nitrile gloves compared to latex gloves
High cost: Nitrile gloves cost 3 times more than latex gloves
Non-biodegradable: with synthetic and artificial ingredients, it is not capable of biodegradation. When disposing, it often changes harmful substances and pollutes the environment. Therefore, the waste nitrile gloves are aggregated and taken to a separate treatment plant.
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