Moving forward but not leaving the environment behind

As an enterprise formed based on the desire to protect public health, S&S Glove is aware of the tremendous environmental impact on human health. Every single thought, every single action we take contributes to a significant impact on the environment. Act for a green – clean – fresh environment.

Environmentally Friendly

S&S GLOVE aims for sustainable, energy-intensive businesses to maximize green energy use such as biofuels and solar energy (planned for 2023). S&S Glove is trying not only to completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels in the manufacturing process but also to reduce emissions of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide to the environment every year.

In addition, S&SPLOVE’s production plant can be reused up to 50% of waste water from the plant. We have a professional sewage treatment system to remove harmful impurities before recycling or discharging to the environment.