Nitrile Cleanroom gloves are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and electronics industries as a protective tool for cleanroom personnel and to prevent cross-contamination of manufactured products.


• Medicine
• Semiconductor
• Laboratory
• Electronic
• Hard disk

100% Nitrile

More precise

Resistant better

More durable

Extra fit

  • Free from Latex Protein
  • Low Particulate and Extractable Ion Level
  • Tactile Sensitivity
  • Custom Design Enhanced Comfort and Fit
  • Outer Surface Tackiness Selection Offer Different Grip and Handling Precision
Ingredient Powder free nitrile
Certification EN ISO 21420, Class 100/ISO 5, Class 1000/ISO 6, RoHS, IEST RP 005.4
AQL 1.5 – 4.0
Length 280 – 305 mm
Weight Custom (prefer 5g minimum of weight)
Color White (Customizable)
Feature Offer superior electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties (antistatic)
Usage Manufacturing industries that requires a clean and controlled environment
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