Black industrial gloves are suitable for auto mechanics, protecting hands from harmful agents and avoiding direct contact with chemicals or dirty lubricants. Hand protective gloves help protect your hands from toxic chemicals, insulate electricity, and the rubber material makes the grip feel better. Read for more information about GLOVE MATERIAL SUITABLE FOR MOTORCYCLE/CAR REPAIRING.

1. Choose glove material suitable for motorbike/car repair

Gloves are necessary protective equipment to protect hands from the effects of grease or chemicals during the repairing process. The standard in choosing glove material is that the gloves must ensure good oil and puncture resistance.

Compared to other types of gloves, nitrile gloves have superior durability and hardness. Nitrile gloves are 3-5 times more puncture and tear resistant than natural rubber gloves.

industrial gloves

2. Features of black industrial gloves for motorbike/car repairing

  • High quality materials

Nitrile gloves are made from synthetic rubber, have good water and oil resistance properties, so they are widely used in all professions requiring high hygiene such as: testing, dentistry as well as non-medical professions. such as industry and food processing.

  • Safe for users

Oil-resistant nitrile gloves, strictly quality tested. Ensure maximum safety for workers during car repair operations. S&S Glove industrial gloves are suitable for people with sensitive skin. The product does not contain proteins in rubber that cause skin irritation.

  • Tight-fitting design

The design of the gasoline-resistant gloves fits closely from the fingers to the hands, and is moderately thin to help create a natural feeling when used. Helps users operate easily and quickly.

  • Good adhesion

The surface of the entire glove or fingertips is designed to be rough to help increase friction, avoid slipping, and facilitate holding tools and vehicle parts during operation.

industrial gloves

S&S Glove factory specializes in manufacturing and distributing large quantities of quality nitrile gloves, serving the domestic market and meeting export needs to the international market. We are always proud to be one of the leading nitrile glove manufacturers in Vietnam and gradually affirm our position in the world glove market.