Rubber safety gloves often come in a variety of colors depending on the working environment and job requirements. Among them, black is one of the popular glove colors. The material for producing black gloves can be natural rubber or synthetic rubber. In the article below S&S Glove only mentions black gloves made from nitrile synthetic rubber, also known as industrial gloves.

1. Overview of black nitrile gloves

As the name suggests, black nitrile gloves are made from nitrile (NBR – nitrile-butadiene rubber), or oil-resistant synthetic rubber.

Possessing outstanding features from nitrile material, black nitrile gloves:

Hypoallergenic: Because they are made from synthetic rubber, nitrile gloves are completely hypoallergenic to the user. Therefore, this product will be suitable for people with sensitive hand skin, easily irritated when exposed to latex material.

Good stretch and elasticity: Black industrial gloves with optimal stretch and elasticity, giving a comfortable feeling and easy operation.

Puncture resistant: Nitrile gloves have higher durability to help limit hand damage from sharp objects

Better resistance to toxic chemicals, giving hands the best protection

Even color, thin and light, allowing for more precise operations down to the smallest detail

black gloves

2. Multi-industry applications of black gloves

Besides common color options such as blue or white, black nitrile gloves also receive a lot of attention because of their diverse applications in many fields.

▶️ Powder-free black gloves are suitable for handling and preparing food.

▶️ Gloves are highly durable, puncture-resistant and resistant to many types of oils and chemicals used widely in machinery and mechanical repair.

▶️ Tightly and comfortable hand feeling gloves are to operate, suitable for cosmetic tattooists and artistic creators to handle work accurately and flexibly.

▶️ Gloves are optimized for comfort and enhanced grip for easy daily use when cleaning and housekeeping.

black gloves

3. Note when using gloves

Because black nitrile gloves are disposable, they should be properly disposed of after use:

▶️ Always clean and keep your hands dry before and after wearing gloves.

▶️ Only used ONCE, do not wash and reuse.

▶️ In case the gloves are punctured or torn, replace them with new ones so as not to affect the working process as well as ensure safety for the user.

▶️ Change gloves after completing work and before continuing with other work.

▶️ Avoid touching any contaminated materials while wearing gloves.

▶️ Dispose of gloves after use according to regulations on glove type and environment.

In addition, when using gloves, you should note the following:

▶️ Choose black gloves of the right size for your hands to make the working process most comfortable.

▶️ For unused black gloves, they should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and should not tear the sealed bag/box to ensure the product is always of the best quality.

▶️ Although nitrile material can resist some chemicals and solvents, for special working environments, it is necessary to use specialized gloves.

3. Specifications of S&S Glove black nitrile gloves

black nitrile gloves

S&S Glove black nitrile gloves fully meet the standards of quality and food safety and hygiene:

  • Manufactured in Vietnam
  • Gloves vary in weight
  • Good price

The outstanding advantages of S&S Glove nitrile gloves help strengthen the “fence” to protect hands more firmly from unfortunate injuries that occur during work.

With S&S Glove nitrile gloves, join hands to protect labor safety and protect public health.

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