Nitrile food gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber, a familiar product for food processing industries or home kitchens. Nitrile food gloves are suitable for those sensitive to natural or powdered gloves.

1. Application of food-grade nitrile gloves in Food Service

Food hygiene and safety starts from wearing gloves. In restaurants or professional kitchens, chefs and wait staff wear disposable gloves to prevent poisoning food.

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General procedure: For supermarkets/kitchens/restaurants, wearing gloves when preparing food can protect both hands from bacteria, thus enhancing food hygiene and safety during packaging.

Procedures for fresh food: Do not reuse disposable gloves, or use gloves to prepare raw food for cooked dishes. Raw foods such as meat can carry the bacteria listeria monocytogenes. If accidentally eaten, they will cause food-borne diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to follow instructions for proper use of gloves and discard them after one use to prevent cross-contamination.

Food processing: Workers handle a variety of foods, so if their hands become contaminated with bacteria, eating these processed foods will cause infectious diseases, cross-contamination will occur and bacteria will spread throughout the factory.

2. Key features of disposable nitrile gloves in the Food Industry

With high durability and excellent flexibility, the tight-fitting S&S Glove Food Grade Nitrile Gloves are a great alternative to Latex and Vinyl Gloves

With outstanding features:

  • Made from synthetic rubber
  • Moderate tension creates a comfortable feeling
  • Water resistant, oil resistant
  • Anti-puncture
  • Strictly comply with Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

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3. Information about S&S Glove food nitrile gloves (technical specifications)

S&S Glove Food-grade Gloves fully meet the standards of quality and food safety and hygiene:

  • Made in Vietnam
  • Various in colors and weights
  • Good price

food gloves

The outstanding S&S Glove nitrile gloves help strengthen the “barrier” to protect hands more firmly from the risks of food poisoning.

With S&S Glove Nitrile gloves, join hands to protect food safety and protect customer health.

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