S&S Glove factory was established in 2021. With the goal of contributing to protect public health with quality nitrile gloves, S&S Glove Corporation always improves and upgrades product quality, production lines, and facilities, thereby perfecting and developing strongly to become one of the leading nitrile glove manufacturing companies in Vietnam, present in many countries around the world.

nitrile gloves

nitrile gloves

With the capacity to produce billions of gloves increasing each year, the S&S Glove glove factory plays a pioneering role in the nitrile glove manufacturing industry. Through our commitment to innovation, we have advanced proprietary manufacturing technology that enables S&S Glove to protect and enhance product quality, increasing operational efficiency. Our modern factory technology and 10 automated production lines generating more than 42,000 gloves/line/hour are important competitive advantages in the industry.

powder-free gloves

glove factory

Complying with the criteria: Quality assurance – Environmental friendliness – Reasonable price, at SSG, we produce:

– 100% Nitrile gloves

– Automated production process, ensuring safety and convenience for users.

– Flexible domestic and international shipping policy.

glove factory

🤝 On the journey of carrying out the mission for public health, providing quality nitrile gloves to a wide range of customers, S&S GLOVE hopes to find Official Partners who are Distributors, Exporters, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for selling SSG nitrile gloves. 

🤝 We look forward to cooperating with partners who have experience, expertise and passion in the field of healthcare who have been or are currently doing business in this industry.

🤝 If you are interested and want to accompany us as an Official Distributor of S&S Glove nitrile gloves, please contact S&S Glove via the information below:


📞 (+84) 28 3872 5999

🤝 S&S GLOVE looks forward to hearing from you. We hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you in the future.