Disposable gloves are diverse not only in materials and colors but also in daily applications. Each type of glove has different instructions for use and storage. In the article below, S&S Glove will focus on sharing important notes when using disposable gloves and how to store nitrile synthetic rubber gloves properly. Let’s follow the article to understand better!

1. Characteristics of nitrile disposable rubber gloves

Known as an optimal alternative to natural rubber gloves for people sensitive to proteins or powders contained in gloves, nitrile rubber gloves are products made from synthetic rubber – nitrile butadiene rubber, powder-free, completely protein-free, friendly to sensitive skin.

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Inheriting the strong points of rubber gloves, combined with the outstanding characteristics of high-quality nitrile material, disposable nitrile gloves stand out with advantages compared to other gloves like:

Latex-free, powder-free

–  Good elasticity, high durability

Fit comfortably on fingertips

Contoured wrist, easy to put on and take off after use

With the above outstanding features, it is not difficult for nitrile gloves to be chosen for use during work and many other areas of life. Typical applications of nitrile gloves include:

Medical – health care industry: Medical examination, treatment, dentistry

Food processing industry: Seafood processing factories, restaurants, fast food stores.

Manufacturing industry: Machinery manufacturing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, laboratories.

Service industry: Spa, skin care, tattoo art, and industrial cleaning.

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2. Instructions for use and storage of nitrile rubber gloves

User manual

Rubber is a popular material, easy to use and has many advantages. However, when using gloves, you need to read the instructions carefully to have the most correct and comfortable experience using gloves.

– Keep your hands dry, choose gloves of the appropriate size for your hands.

– Put gloves on each hand in turn, adjusting to fit fingers and palm.

– Avoid directly pulling the gloves too tight as this will cause tearing.

– Wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap after removing gloves.

Gloves should be changed immediately in the following cases

1️⃣ During processing, after completing a step or the job is interrupted midway

2️⃣ Gloves are punctured or torn

3️⃣ When gloves come into contact, touch a source of bacteria, or are generally contaminated during use

In addition, the elasticity of rubber gloves will change over time, so when you buy them, you should use them immediately. Avoid leaving them for a long time before using them, which will lead to reduced effectiveness.

Pay attention when using gloves and preserving gloves

– The first important thing in properly preserving gloves is to comply with the manufacturer’s regulations.

Each type of glove has different usage specifications. For disposable gloves, especially medical gloves, users need to ensure compliance with the one-time use policy and not reuse them.

– Store in a dry, cool place, avoid high temperatures and acids for long periods of time

– Do not use sharp objects to penetrate the gloves

Nitrile gloves are highly durable and are also puncture resistant. However, that does not mean that the gloves can be stabbed with sharp objects without being punctured. Therefore, when using, make sure not to poke directly with sharp objects and wear gloves to avoid damaging the product and injuring the user’s hands.

Gloves must be disposed of in the correct place after use to avoid contamination and infection. And absolutely do not reuse, especially disposable medical gloves.

Above are some notes on how to use and preserve protective gloves that S&S Glove would like to send to you for your reference. To find and buy these types of gloves with good quality and reasonable prices, you can contact us via the hotline below!

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