Cleanroom gloves are considered an essential equipment for workers in cleanroom environments such as healthcare, laboratories, scientific research, biotechnology, etc. To learn more about this product, read the following article from S&S Glove.

What is a clean room?

Clean room is a concept that may be unfamiliar to some people, because the characteristics of this working environment are relatively different from other fields.

A clean room is a room or an area that is controlled in terms of factors such as: amount and size of dust particles, pressure, temperature, humidity,… to create a clean air environment, minimizing infections and cross-contamination. Dust will be filtered at the correct concentration and size according to the required parameters.

People working in this environment must use protective uniforms according to regulations, in which protective gloves are one of the necessary and indispensable equipment.

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What should you keep in mind when choosing cleanroom gloves?

Today there are many types of cleanroom gloves. From materials to design, each type is manufactured for use in suitable environments to promote the features, efficiency and best protect your hands. When choosing cleanroom gloves, keep in mind the following criteria:

– Consider the characteristics of the working environment in terms of intensity and duration of contact with various electronic devices and objects while working to ensure effective waterproofing.

– The material used to make gloves can be allergic and cause skin irritation for some people.

– Glove size is also important. You should not choose a type that is too loose or too tight as it will hinder the working process and blood circulation through your hands.

S&S Glove Cleanroom Nitrile gloves are safe for use in the pharmaceutical industry, and at electronics and semiconductor factories, preventing cross-contamination and allergies due to dust pollution and ions in the air, protecting workers’ safety.

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Instructions for using cleanroom gloves before and after work

To use cleanroom gloves properly and get optimal protection for your hands, you should note some of the following characteristics:

– Before use, check the quality by observing the outside. If the gloves show signs of punctures or tears, do not use them.

– Use the right type of gloves for the right purpose. When coming into contact with liquids or chemicals, do not bring them into contact with any part of the body.

– Gloves are for single use only.

– After use, remove gloves and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water to prevent bacteria.

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S&S Glove Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves

Fully Protect Your Hands with the S&S Glove 12-Inch Nitrile Gloves!

Enhance more comprehensive protection with outstanding features from the 12-inch nitrile gloves from S&S Glove:

✅ 100% Nitrile

✅ Free from protein and very small powder content (less than 2 mg/1 piece)

✅ Pack in bags instead of boxes to avoid carton particles contaminating the product

✅ Durable,, great bearing capacity, oil resistant, chemical resistant, waterproof, moderate thickness.

✅ More comprehensive protection with 300mm (12 inch) glove size, can cover the entire wrist.