Nitrile gloves are commonly used in many fields such as healthcare, food, and industry. Choosing suitable gloves that fit the size of the hand as well as the purpose of use is very important to get the best protection during the process. Follow the article below to learn the “secret” to choosing the right gloves.

Why we should choose glove size?

Choosing gloves of the appropriate size will help make hand movements more flexible and comfortable, while also improving the protective effect of the hands. Gloves of the right size will fit tightly, stretch well, create comfort, and help us flexibly move our fingers when manipulating.

Be sure to measure your hand size and choose appropriate gloves

When choosing gloves, be sure to check the glove’s measurement unit (inch or mm) to measure your hand size accordingly. In case you cannot measure properly, you should prioritize choosing a size that fits the length of your hand to limit the excess length of the glove that can get caught in tools and machinery, affecting operations and even causing danger.

For complex tasks, people will need gloves that fit well, are flexible and maneuverable. For work that does not require delicate finger movements, thicker gloves can be used.

S&S Glove nitrile gloves are now improved with outstanding elasticity and tightness, ambidextrous design, softness and diverse sizes, making them the optimal choice that can meet most protection requirements. at work and suitable for many customer needs.

nitrile gloves

Instructions for measuring hand size

Measure the width of your palm using a tape measure and keep your palm facing up, measure across your palm starting from the space above your thumb. Choose your size based on measurements as shown below. The table below is for theoretical purposes only. Since each person’s palm size and proportions are different, please try on the gloves to get optimal fit.

nitrile gloves