Medical gloves are a companion to doctors and nurses in hospitals and dental clinics. Therefore, choosing quality medical gloves for dental examination and treatment is very important. Follow the article below with S&S Glove to learn more and choose the right type of medical gloves!

1. Criteria for classifying medical gloves

There are many types of medical gloves and many criteria to classify these gloves:

  • Classified by FUNCTION OF USE: examination gloves and surgical gloves
  • Classified by MATERIALS: Latex gloves (natural rubber) and nitrile gloves (synthetic rubber)

In addition, gloves can also be classified by:

  • Powdered gloves and powder-free gloves
  • Glove length: 240mm, 280mm,…
  • Weight (glove thickness): 4.0g, 5.0g,…
  • Color: white, blue, purple blue,…

medical gloves

2. Regulations on safe use of disposable medical gloves

Using medical gloves properly is very important in protecting the health of patients, doctors and other people.

  • Wear medical gloves when directly in contact with blood or other epidemiological substances.
  • Change to new gloves after each procedure or after caring for a patient.
  • Use one pair of gloves only once per patient, and gloves must be changed for each procedure on the same patient.
  • Medical gloves stained with the patient’s blood should be discarded as TOXIC WASTE.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after removing gloves.

3. Where to buy quality medical gloves

On the market, there are many types of medical gloves from many different manufacturers. Therefore, when buying quality medical gloves, we need to choose a reputable factory, ensuring absolutely safe product quality for users.

Healthcare staff often handle sharp instruments while ensuring the work is done accurately; Therefore, with outstanding puncture resistance, S&S Glove nitrile medical gloves provide users with excellent protection. Best of all, nitrile gloves are the perfect choice for those allergic to natural rubber, with a softer material, these gloves provide a sensitive touch and outstanding agility.

medical gloves

Outstanding features of S&S Glove nitrile medical gloves:

  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Good elasticity, flexibility, high durability
  • Fingertip rough design
  • Resistant to blood and body fluids


S&S Glove Factory specializes in manufacturing and distributing large quantities of quality nitrile gloves, serving the domestic market and meeting export needs to the international market. We are always proud to be one of the leading nitrile glove manufacturers in Vietnam and gradually affirm our position in the world glove market.