Workers need to protect their hands safely while still ensuring work productivity. In particular, people who do heavy industrial work need gloves with outstanding, specialized features to both protect their hands and increase work efficiency. So, what are industrial gloves, and what characteristics of gloves are necessary and sufficient for use in industrial environments? Let’s follow the article below and find the answers to the above questions!

1. Characteristics of industrial nitrile gloves 

Today, gloves are made from many different materials suitable for workers. Above all are gloves made from nitrile synthetic rubber. This type of glove has outstanding features such as:

  • Highly spread material: Industrial gloves made from nitrile material have good elasticity and are extremely durable during use.
  • Chemical resistant and not easily corroded by chemicals 
  • Gloves are flexible and elastic, convenient for user operations: Thanks to 100% nitrile material, gloves are difficult to be punctured by sharp objects. Gloves will be produced with different thicknesses to suit more job characteristics and industry requirements.

găng tay nitrile

2. Multiple applications of industrial nitrile gloves

Black industrial gloves are a great choice for people working in fields such as: 

Beauty and tattoo art frequently uses black nitrile gloves as an essential tool to protect hands from stains or contamination as well as hide the color of blood, ink, etc.

Mechanics uses dark colored nitrile gloves to hide stains like motor oil, making them easier to see when worn for long periods of time.

✅ In food processing, black nitrile gloves also help chefs easily detect slight color changes of liquids such as milk, ensuring food safety and hygiene, reducing the risk of poisoning.

3. S&S Glove industrial nitrile gloves 

Multi-purpose S&S Glove industrial black nitrile gloves are suitable for many industries such as mechanics, auto repair, food handling and processing,…! 

  • Certified safe for food handling and processing.
  • Made entirely from high-quality nitrile rubber that is tear-resistant and has outstanding chemical resistance.
  • Powder-free, safe for people allergic to natural rubber.

📌 Complying with the following criteria: Quality assurance – Environmental friendliness – Reasonable price, at SSG, we produce:

– 100% Nitrile gloves

– Automated production process, ensuring safety and convenience for users.

– Flexible domestic and international shipping policy, door-to-door delivery.

👍 What S&S Glove brings is not only quality products but also enthusiasm, dedication and thoughtfulness.

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