Examination gloves play an important role in medical and laboratory environments. Because the requirements of each working environment are different, examination gloves are also divided into many types to best serve users.

1. Types of medical gloves on the market today

  • Sort by material:

Based on the material that made gloves, we can distinguish medical gloves into 3 main types: Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl gloves.

  • Sort by characteristics whether powder coated or not:

Based on the characteristics of the gloves whether or not the manufacturer is coated with non-stick powder, we can differentiate the products into two types: Powdered and Non-powdered.

2. What is the powder in gloves 

Disposable gloves are usually divided into two types: powdered and non-powdered gloves. In fact, the powder that appears in gloves is cornstarch, the ingredients in the powder are mainly safe for users. However, because cornstarch keeps the protein in rubber on the skin surface much longer, some people with sensitive skin are allergic to the powder in gloves.

In addition, for some fields such as medical and dental, using powdered gloves will greatly affect the quality of hygiene and safety when the powder can be dispersed into the air during the examination and treatment process. 

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3. Advantages of powder-free nitrile medical gloves

Changing gloves after use may be a simple action, but it plays a huge role not only in effectively reducing the spread of infectious diseases but also in helping protect the health of medical staff and patients.

If you want gloves that can provide a comfortable feeling when working for a long time, nitrile gloves will be a good choice to minimize hand fatigue when worn for a long time while working. Possessing all the advantages of many materials, nitrile gloves not only excels in its ability to provide high protection, but also brings a comfortable feeling to the user. In particular, medical-grade gloves are not only suitable for medical examinations but are also suitable for people who need to wear gloves for long periods of time.

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