Examination Nitrile Gloves


SSG Classic Medical Nitrile gloves are soft, highly elastic, hypoallergenic, safe for users. Gloves are used in industries such as:

• Hospital and medical
• Medical Tested
• Dental
• Dermatology treatment

Powder Free

Single Use Only

Non Sterile

Ambi- dextrous

  • Hard To Be Torn And Puncture
  • Good Resistance To Blood And Body Fluids
  • Improved Formula, Reducing Rubber Accelerators
  • Soft, Elastic, And Tight Fit
Type Single use nitrile gloves
Ingredient Powder free nitrile
AQL 2.5 – 1.5
Length 240 mm
Weight 3.5 g
Color Blue- Custom
Feature Improved formula for comfort
Usage Wide range of usage