Answers to 5 questions about Nitrile gloves

The process of using gloves will probably lead to some problems that make you question yourself. In the following article, S&S Glove will answer the 5 most frequently asked questions of users when using nitrile gloves. Are nitrile gloves good oil resistant? The ability of resistance to oil of Nitrile gloves is "inherited" from the material that makes it. The synthetic rubber has good oil resistance. So it can be used as the main material in making fuel lines, gaskets, rollers or other products that use in required oil resistance environment. Most Nitrile gloves are resistant to 3 main types of oil: - Body oil: The oil that human body produces to keep the skin moist. - Fixed oil: Fixed oils are commonly used in food, cosmetic, and healthcare settings. To make it easy to imagine, this is an oil that appears a lot in daily life such as olive…
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S&S Glove signed and launched SAP S/4HANA

S&S Glove Corporation launches SAP S/4HANA into business operation On February 17, the signing ceremony and implementation of SAP S/4HANA Management Solution in business activities between S&S Glove Joint Stock Company and Citek Technology Joint Stock Company took place smoothly. This is an important milestone that starts the development of S&S Glove, and also marks the beginning of a good cooperation relationship between S&S Glove and the project implementer Citek, the SAP developer in Vietnam. SAP S/4HANA is a complete, highly specific and specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for large enterprises. This is a comprehensive digital transformation solution that helps businesses achieve efficient digitalization of information and flexible transition times, and promotes a full digital transformation experience with a service contract. Mr. Duong Thanh Sang - General Director of S&S Glove said at the ceremony: “The company not only brings quality glove products to customers and society but also…
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