The first version of the medical glove line was the powder-free medical gloves. However, during use, users often have difficulty putting on and taking off the gloves, so the manufacturer has added powder to the gloves to reduce friction to make this operation easier. Even so, powder-free medical gloves are still the first choice of users, especially in the following cases.

1/ The first choice for people with allergies.

Medical gloves with powder were born to overcome the difficult situation in the process of putting on and taking off gloves. However, the powder in the gloves is the “rectification” of people with dermatological problems, allergies, especially allergies to proteins.

Specifically, the powder in the gloves contains proteins and residual chemicals, such as sulfur, zinc, antioxidants. If gloves contain high protein, it will lead to latex allergy.

Some problems users may encounter when using powdered medical latex gloves include:

  • Dry cracked skin due to moisture absorption powder. Especially potential inflammation, eczema in the hands, diseases related to allergies.
  • A small amount of powder particles in gloves released into the air can be aerosolized, which, when inhaled, can cause respiratory irritation.

2/ Powder-free medical gloves are preferred when handling food, food, surgery,….

Powdered medical gloves are not recommended or even banned in some areas, such as food processing, surgery, and some specialized environments.

Specifically, the powder in the gloves can be dispersed into food, causing unsanitary and even potential health hazards. Medical instruments and equipment can also become contaminated when powdered medical gloves are used, posing a danger to the patient. Especially for instruments such as endoscopes, surgical microscopes… Powder-free rubber gloves are still the top priority to avoid risks. In the laboratory environment, powdered medical latex gloves may contaminate samples, leading to inaccurate test results.

Powder-free medical gloves

Powder-free rubber gloves are still the top priority to avoid risks.

3/ Suitable for humid environments

In a humid environment, the powder in the gloves will absorb moisture from the skin of the hands, causing dry, flaky skin. Therefore, powder-free medical rubber gloves are still the first choice for jobs in humid environments compared to powdered medical latex gloves.

4/ Should I choose latex or nitrile-free medical rubber gloves?

Currently, powdered or non-powdered medical rubber gloves are made of two main materials, latex and nitrile, with each material having its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on which the user has a choice

Medical latex gloves

The most worrying thing about using latex medical gloves is that they are allergic in some cases to atopic allergies. However, the advantage of latex gloves is dexterity and sensitivity – one of the most important factors in the medical field, especially in surgery.

Currently, some lines of latex medical gloves use chlorine gas to reduce irritation. However, this inadvertently reduces the durability of the gloves more or less.

Nitrile medical rubber gloves

The advantage of nitrile medical rubber gloves (synthetic medical gloves) is that it does not cause irritation. However, this line of gloves has a durability and sensitivity that is far behind latex gloves, not to mention their high cost. Therefore, nitrile medical rubber gloves can hardly replace latex medical rubber gloves.

powder-free medical gloves

The above are the reasons that show that the choice of latex or nitrile medical rubber gloves will depend on the nature of work and location of each person.

Powder-free medical latex gloves are generally low in chemicals and proteins. Therefore, they are less allergenic, reduce health risks, and reduce costs in the long run. However, if you don’t have a problem with your hands, powdered medical gloves are still a priority to make putting on and taking off gloves easier.

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