Disposable gloves gradually become popular products in the market and become familiar to consumers. In particular, nitrile gloves are increasingly used by consumers for their outstanding features compared to similar products. Let’s learn more in the following article.

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What are nitrile gloves?

Nitrile gloves were born as an alternative choice for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to natural rubber. In 1980, Neil Tillitson and Luc De Becker were the two people who invented Nitrile gloves. In 1990, the formula and technique for manufacturing gloves had been completed.

It is a kind of disposable glove with the main component of nitrile synthetic rubber. Although it is also called rubber, nitrile rubber does not contain any natural rubber components (or latex protein). Basically, Nitrile rubber does not have good elasticity, so manufacturers often add a small percentage of other accelerators to make nitrile gloves softer and more elastic.

Over the years, the manufacturers have continued to refine their Nitrile glove formulations. As a result, disposable gloves have become softer and more resilient. Along with the development of technology and techniques, the quality  is continuously upgraded and improved, making the use of gloves even safer and more comfortable.

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Main features

Nitrile gloves have lots of outstanding features that are very popular with users. It components contain butadiene and acrylonitrile. Those are the factors that make the outstanding features of this kind of glove.

In terms of durability, compared with other disposable gloves, It have high strength, good puncture resistance, and good abrasion resistance. Due to the acrylonitrile component, gloves are good resistant to chemicals. In addition, it can withstand certain types of alkaline solutions and acids.

Most Nitrile gloves are powder-free but it is not difficult to put on or take off the gloves. Besides, powder-free gloves contribute to preventing reactions to rubbing alcohol, reducing the possibility of skin irritation, especially for those who work in the medical or healthcare field. Besides, It can prevent sweat on the skin quite well, and do not create an uncomfortable feeling when wearing gloves.


Compared with other disposable gloves, Nitrile gloves have many outstanding advantages. First, because the component does not contain natural rubber, the possibility of causing allergies is very low. Mainly allergies come from rubber accelerators but recently, this weak point has also been improved. Improvements manufacturing technology have eliminated the presence of the promoter, reducing the risk of type IV contact dermatitis in the wearer to the maximum.

In terms of oil or chemical resistance, nitrile gloves are superior to other disposable gloves. Thin, flexible, and elastic but high abrasion and puncture resistance are also advantages of this kind of glove.

In some working environments, the hypoallergenic feature becomes an outstanding advantage. For example, doctors and medical staff can comfortably use gloves in treatment and examination without having to worry too much about whether the patient has a latex allergy or not. That is also the original cause leading to the birth of nitrile gloves.

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