There are various gloves on the market nowadays, how do you find your most suitable gloves? Nitrile gloves are one of the most widely used protective gloves in many select situations. So, let’s see what nitrile gloves bring to you.

What is Nitrile gloves? 

Nitrile gloves are a kind of disposable gloves. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber compound that is commonly used as a disposable glove material. Nitrile has been around for a long time, but it’s only recently become more popular. Because it is getting used more in medical, hospitality, food, and laboratory. It is also more chemically resistant than Latex.

Advantages of nitrile gloves

Durable: Puncture and Chemical Resistance

Due to molecular structure, fewer risks limit nitrile gloves’ performance and affect barrier protection. Due to the high dangers of punctures and contamination in those fields, puncture resistance has made nitrile gloves a favorite of medical professionals and tattoo artists worldwide. Mechanics and other professionals using heavy chemicals, oils, and greases, prefer nitrile gloves for their great durability and the safety they provide.

Nitrile can be three times stronger than latex, protecting you from needles and other sharp objects. Plus, nitrile gloves are not easy to tear, however, once it is punctured the gloves would completely tear immediately.

powers of nitrile gloves

Safe & Comfortable: not cause allergies 

Most Nitrile gloves have a snug and comfortable fit, they can provide the most comfortable feeling to the wearers. Even when working with them for a long period. Also, the low friction coefficient of nitrile gloves makes them easy to take on and off. In addition. High-quality nitrile gloves have a slip-resistant finish that offers wearers a firm grip even when the gloves get wet.

In addition, nitrile gloves will not cause allergies. A lot of wearers are allergic to latex with symptoms that can vary from mild rashes to anaphylactic shock, which can prove fatal in rare cases. Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, without any latex. So it is an ideal choice when you are allergic to latex.

Affordable but long-lasting

Nitrile gloves used to be a little more expensive than other disposable gloves. But the prices are now so low that they can become the top glove choice. Nitrile gloves can also last longer. The long shelf life of nitrile ensures that your gloves are still available to use up to five years as well as you kept them in their original packaging and kept in the right place.

Why does industries use nitrile gloves?

Many industries can get the benefits from using nitrile gloves, like Aerospace, Chemical manufacturing, Dentistry, Food processing, Engineering, etc. Using nitrile gloves is a good choice for enterprises where laborers are probably going to come to work with dangers like chemicals, grating materials, or food processing. Because of the supportability, expanded utilization times and fewer, substitutions due to breakages, nitrile gloves can be an advantageous venture for some working environments.

powers of nitrile gloves

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