Gloves are one of the very important items that help doctors directly examine or operate on patients without being infected by the patient. There are two main types of gloves that doctors often use. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. Join us to learn through the article below to better understand these 2 types of surgical gloves

The need for surgical gloves for surgery

During the operation, the doctor must be exposed to blood is inevitable. That increases the risk of spreading disease-causing bacteria from the patient through the doctor and medical staff during the surgery. Therefore, everyone in the operation must be protected. In addition to other protective equipment, protective gloves used during surgery will prevent the risk of infection from the patient.
surgical gloves
At that time, both the patient and everyone in the surgery are protected and reducing the risk of transmitting disease-causing bacteria is a top concern. With specially designed gloves when using surgery will prevent wound infection at the surgical site. It is like a barrier to prevent the bacteria present in the doctor’s hands directly operating. In addition, it also increases sterility and does not transmit bacteria from hands to medical instruments such as knives, scissors, gauze, …

Outstanding features

Usually, surgical gloves are made from neoprene or nitrile rubber, vinyl. It is designed with high precision and good sensitivity because it is very thin, when worn, it feels as real as not wearing it. Those are the characteristics required when using medical instruments in surgery requiring very high precision.
Moreover, all are guaranteed to be sterile, when production is carefully checked, meticulously, sterilized before being packaged and released into the market. The process of disinfecting medical gloves in general and surgical gloves in particular is very important. With neoprene material, they have very good durability, comfortable stretch. Some types are also very resistant to puncture and tear. Below are two common types of surgical gloves.
surgical gloves


The advantage of this type of glove is that it is highly elastic, flexible, hugs the hand and fingers, giving a feeling of kidney when using surgical instruments. As a result, it can withstand certain mechanical forces against scratches and tears. This is a quality product line, meeting the standards in clean rooms and operating rooms. The downside is that it is not easy to put on and take off.
surgical gloves
Same advantages as the powder-free type and offers the possibility of a more convenient use, easy to put on and take off. The downside is that it can cause skin irritation in some people due to the powder contained in the gloves.
With the above two types of surgical gloves, please choose the most suitable product for you. If you have any questions, please contact the address below to be consulted by a staff member.
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