Diamond Grip Nitrile Gloves


SSG D-Grip Industrial Nitrile gloves Diamond Grip gloves with diamond textured design, made from resistant nitrile materials. Gloves are mainly used in heavy industries that require high protection such as:

• Car repair
• Construction
• Assembling vehicles and equipment
• Chemical treatment


Powder Free

Single Use Only

Non Sterile

Ambi- dextrous

  • Hydration and moisture lock at the same time
  • Thiuram-free, reducing the risk of allergies and skin irritation
  • Increase surface friction, reduce inner friction, easy to put on and take off, convenient to grip
Type Single use nitrile gloves
Ingredient Powder free nitrile
Certification EN ISO 20420 – EC 1935/2004 – FDA 21 CFR 177
AQL 2.5 – 1.5
Length 240 mm
Weight 3.5 g
Color  Orange- Custom
Feature Improved formula for comfort
Structure Diamond grit
Usage Wide range of usage