Production Planning Recruitment


  • – Graduating from college or higher. Related majors.
  • – Male, female, over 21 years old.
  • – Good healthy.
  • – Working during office hours.
  • – More than 01 year of experience in planning at the factory/manufacturing workshop.
  • – Proficient in using software: MS. Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet.
  • – Ability to calculate quickly, skills to work independently and as a team.
  • – Skills in using production software.


  • – Synthesize information from the sales department about the quantity and requirements of orders to be exported in the month.
  • – Synthesize information from the warehouse on the quantity of latex raw materials and chemicals in stock, information on the inventory of packing materials and the inventory of finished products.
  • – Synthesize information from the production interview and the technical department about the status of production operation, unify the plans and production response time.
  • – Synthesize information from the delivery department, coordinate and propose to import the quantity of latex and chemical materials to meet production needs, agree on the detailed content of the type of latex, chemicals to be imported, delivery specifications and delivery plan, ensuring the production operation is not interrupted.
  • – Coordinate with sales department to send design content, specifications of box materials, boxes of finished products from customers.
  • – Coordinating with purchasing department to provide information on the proposal to enter the quantity of raw materials, packing boxes for finished products and delivery plan.
  • – Send the production plan and the finished product export plan in the month to the relevant departments to grasp and implement the work on schedule.
  • – Monitor production and quality of gloves produced daily, identify fluctuations and inform the production department.
  • – Follow up the daily packing plan of finished products, identify changes and inform the packing department.
  • – Coordinating with warehouse manager – finished products to deploy the shipment plan on schedule.


  • – Salary from 12-14 million VND.
  • – Civilized working environment, sociable colleagues, modern equipment.
  • – High promotion opportunities.
  • – Trained and developed.
  • – In addition to the regimes such as social insurance, health insurance… You also have other benefits such as: high-class comfortable dormitory, shuttle bus, PVI insurance, uniforms, travel, birthday gifts, filial piety… major holidays of the year, seniority bonus, 13th month salary, year-end bonus, bonus for major holidays of the year.


– Position: Specialist.
– Form: Official staff.
– Working time: Working according to office hours
– Working place: S&S Glove Factory, Lot 4, D6 Street, Dat Do I Industrial Park, Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, BRVT Province.
– Deadline to receive applications: December 31, 2021
• Phone: 0283 8725 999 internal line 1011
• Email structure: Surname AND NAME – APPLICATION POSITION – Phone number