Mechanical Engineer Recruitment


  • University graduate or higher. Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building, Dynamic Mechanics…
  • Male, 24-35 years old.
  • Good healthy.
  • Basic English reading comprehension, can read the device’s documentation.
  • Work in shifts.
  • Over 02 years in the position of Mechanical Engineer, Project Engineer in projects, construction works, installation of production plants.
  • Knowledge of project management and supervision, production line systems.
  • Understanding quality standards ISO 9001, measurement standards, quality standards Vietnam – TCVN.
  • Skills in using software, creating and using data, synthesizing, analyzing, planning and reporting (Autocad, MS Office)….
  • Accurate, meticulous and honest personality.
  • Skilled in communication, negotiation, negotiation, situation handling, system thinking ability.


  • – Receive information and perform required work from department head.
  • – Check technical specifications, suitable materials for each mechanical device.
  • – Checking and checking design drawings, construction drawings, installation plans by the supplier.
  • – Prepare proposal, estimate the costs incurred when implementing the project to submit to the head of the department.
  • – Directly supervise and check the quality and progress according to the design drawings.
  • – Be responsible to superiors for the implementation project, the progress and quality of the work.
  • – Evaluation of mechanical equipment system… boiler system, production line system.
  • – Inspection and supervision of construction, quality of equipment from the supplier implementing the project.
  • – Check CO, CQ equipment, evaluate equipment system.
  • – Setting up operating procedures, monitoring mechanical equipment systems.
  • – Prepare construction documents for environmental safety when implementing the project.
  • – Perform other tasks as assigned by superiors.
  • – Set work goals for individuals, improve knowledge and skills to serve work.
  • – Report progress & weekly work to department heads.


  • agreement.
  • – Civilized working environment, sociable colleagues, modern equipment.
  • – High promotion opportunities.
  • – Trained and developed.
  • – In addition to the regimes such as social insurance, health insurance… You also have other benefits such as: high-class comfortable dormitory, shuttle bus, PVI insurance, uniforms, travel, birthday gifts, filial piety… major holidays of the year, seniority bonus, 13th month salary, year-end bonus, bonus for major holidays of the year.


  • – Position: Engineer.
  • – Form: Official staff.
  • – Working time: Shift work
  • – Working place: S&S Glove Factory, Lot 4, D6 Street, Dat Do I Industrial Park, Phuoc Long Tho Commune, Dat Do District, BRVT Province.
  • – Deadline to receive applications: December 31, 2021
• Phone: 0283 8725 999 internal line 1011
• Email structure: Surname AND NAME – APPLICATION POSITION – Phone number