With the Covid-19 epidemic showing no signs of cooling down, each citizen needs to have ways to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones. And one of those ways is to use powder-free Nitrile gloves. However, using this product in the most correct and correct way, few of us know. That’s why today SS Glove will reveal to you how to use it fully and accurately right in this article. Please follow up!
powder-free Nitrile gloves

The importance of powder-free Nitrile gloves

If in the past, Vietnamese nitrile gloves were usually only used for staff working in the medical industry and some other industries such as food processing, food production… Now now With the rapid spread of Covid-19 we are used a lot in people’s daily life.
With the characteristics of being waterproof, against the penetration of chemicals very well, the purpose of these products is:
  • Protecting people’s health against the spread of disease.
  •  Create comfort for the user without losing the flexibility of the hand.
  • Protect human hand skin.

How to use powder-free blue nitrile medical gloves correctly

To bring this product in the most correct and accurate way, we need to pay attention to the following issues:
  • Only used once and must be carefully disposed of in the trash.
  • When removing gloves, you need to wash your hands immediately.
  • Before putting on gloves you should determine the exact size of your hands. If you have large hands and use gloves that are small, your gloves will easily tear. At that time, the disease prevention or product flexibility will be completely lost.
  • You need to flick the glove lightly to get some straightness. Do not use gloves where the fingers and interlocks of the hands are glued and wrinkled together.
You should put your finger on first and then slowly bring your whole hand in. After wearing, you should pull the glove so that the neck of the product is higher than your wrist. However, remember not to pull too hard, too tight because this will tear the glove.
• Do not wear gold rings, jewelry or rings when wearing gloves as they will make the gloves more difficult to put on and become entangled and easier to tear when worn.
• The unused gloves should be placed in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.
• In case your skin is red and swollen, you need to remove gloves immediately and consult a qualified and professional doctor.

Where to buy powder-free Nitrile gloves?

Currently, the demand for Nitrile gloves is increasing because of the complicated situation of the epidemic. This has led to a lot of production and sale facilities on the market.
This has caused many difficulties for consumers because they do not know which is a quality product line, bringing absolute safety. And if you are having trouble choosing, please visit SS glove

Why should you choose to buy powder-free Nitrile gloves at SS glove?

It can be said that SS glove is the leading manufacturer of medical gloves and masks in Vietnam. Currently, SS glove products including powder-free Nitrile gloves have been exported to more than 45 countries. The main continents are Africa, Central and South America, European Countries, Japan, Middle East Countries, Southeast Asia and the United States.
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