It can be said that powderless medical gloves is a remarkable improvement in the medical manufacturing industry, born to overcome the shortcomings remaining in powdered medical gloves. There are 2 popular types of powder-free gloves today, which are latex and nitrile powder-free gloves.
  • Latex gloves:
Latex is a type of tree resin taken from natural rubber trees, so Latex is also commonly known as rubber, latex gloves are formed when during processing along with temperature with chemicals (allowed to use chemicals). ).
It forms an extremely good protective layer, fits well when we wear powder-free medical gloves and is very supple. This type of rubber is very widely used in the production of medical devices, and especially in the production of gloves such as powdered, powder-free latex gloves and surgical gloves.
  • Nitrile gloves:
Nitrile (Latex Free) is a synthetic rubber, and is formed exactly like Latex but does not contain Latex, so it does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, has water resistance, good oil resistance. Therefore, nitrile gloves are often used widely in all industries that require high hygiene such as testing, or dentistry and health care as well as non-medical industries such as industry, or food processing. Products,…

Advantages of powder – free gloves

powder - free gloves
Any item has its advantages and disadvantages, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of powderless medical gloves ?
Because there is no powder, the first advantage of this medical glove is that it does not cause allergies to the user’s skin.
In addition, the fact that it is completely safe with food processing, without worrying about the powder falling into the food is the second advantage of this product.
When using powder-free medical gloves often provide a snug, dexterous and unobstructed feeling when we use them. That is also the reason that this type of glove is used in surgery to promote the best effect during the work of doctors.
In addition, this type of medical gloves is also used to protect the user and protect the hands from harmful chemicals, making the skin of the hands comfortable and safe when working in the environment.
Medical gloves are used to protect the user’s hands, so they are now commonly used with the main effect of preventing chemical and bacterial infections with agents such as bacteria, viruses. , or blood, parasitizes the body. This can be seen as an item for  essential labor protection used for all consumers including: pharmaceuticals doctor, dentist, or health worker. Currently, medical gloves are not only in the medical and dental fields, but also in industries such as food, laboratories and also in a number of other light industries.

Disadvantage of powder-free medical gloves:

  • With latex-free medical gloves:
There is an odor of chlorine and after treatment there will be a reaction that makes the gloves yellow.
When exposed to chlorine, the life of gloves will be reduced compared to powdered gloves.
The cost is 20% higher than powdered gloves.
  • With Nitrile powder-free medical gloves:
Less elastic and elastic than latex gloves causing problems with grip. This makes it rarely used by experts during surgery because the grip factor will be more focused by doctors.
The cost is 20% higher than Latex, so it is not used by businesses due to the risk of cost padding.

The introduction of powder – free medical gloves

powder - free gloves
In 1889, the chief nurse of the operating room, Caroline Hampton, while working and serving at Johns Hopkins Hospital, she developed a skin reaction to the mercury solution commonly used for asepsis.
Her husband, William Halsted, asked the Goodyear company to produce thin medical gloves to protect his wife. From then until 1894, Halsted implemented the use of sterile medical gloves at Johns Hopkins to protect doctors’ hands from infection when in direct contact with the patient’s skin.
In 1964, Ansell produced the first Latex medical gloves, which were used in a wide range of clinical applications ranging from handling human feces to dental applications. , help protect and ensure the health safety of healthy people.

How to use powder – free gloves

powder - free gloves 
Powder-free medical gloves are gloves that are used only once after medical examination or surgery. Before using, you should determine the size of the user’s hand to be able to choose the correct glove size to avoid tearing.
Should choose any pair of gloves, with flexible use for both hands. Before putting on the gloves, perform a gentle wave of the gloves to help straighten the gloves so that the fingers do not stick to the palm.
Put the glove on for the fingers first and pull it slowly and gently towards the palm. Then from the palm of your hand pull the entire glove to the back of the wrist, making sure that the neck of the glove reaches the wrist. And you should not pull the glove directly from the palm to the wrist because it will be easy to tear if pulled strongly.
How to properly store powder-free medical gloves: store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. When the glove box is opened for use, it must be stored carefully to protect it from sunlight and electricity. And you should avoid using it directly with chemicals. If skin is sensitive, discontinue use and consult a specialist.
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