There are lots of different benefits of Nitrile gloves to make you choose to use them for your work. This is the reason why Nitrile Gloves are used in various fields. Below are the 5 main roles of Nitrile gloves in health protection.

roles of nitrile gloves

Clarify 5 outstanding roles of Nitrile Gloves:


The predominance of Nitrile gloves comes from the fact that they reduce the risk of experiencing skin irritation reactions, not only to the wearer but with any client or patient directly in contact with it. Allergic reactions to nitrile are less common than allergic reactions to natural latex. According to studies, only about 1% of users show light symptoms of allergy when using Nitrile gloves.

Excellent cut resistance

Besides being hypoallergenic, nitrile gloves are durable. They are three times more resistant to punctures than latex. Nitrile gloves are ideal for use in jobs that require employees to handle dangerous or sharp materials because they resist tears and offer superior protection against contaminants. However, once they get a puncture, they will tear out completely.

Snug fit

Nitrile gloves are form-fitting and elastic. Nitrile gloves snug on your hand without feeling like they’re restricting your movement. You should be able to move your fingers normally without stretching the glove too much as you move and flex. This not only keeps your hands safe but also increases productivity in the workplace.

Highly chemicals resistance

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, which boasts a short-term splash resistance and chemical degradation resistance against a variety of substances. Nitrile gloves are resistant to alkaline solutions, as well as certain acidic solutions. However, when they are encountered with a strong alkaline solution, the material of the glove may break down and deteriorate upon handling.

High material sensitivity

Nitrile gloves come in different thickness levels. But most Nitrile gloves are so thin nowadays. Thin Nitrile gloves do not affect their quality. They also provide the same protection, protecting wearers from harmful viruses and bacteria. Thin Nitrile gloves tend to give wearers greater sensitivity and a more comfortable feeling.There are more and more people choosing to use Nitrile gloves because of the benefits that they offer. Compared to other disposable gloves like latex or vinyl, Nitrile gloves bring more benefits to users, especially in safety and reducing allergic causes, with a reasonable price.

roles of nitrile gloves

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With the various things that nitrile gloves can offer, it no longer comes as a startling why it continues to gain predominance and exist separated from all the other things. It is solid and serious, notwithstanding it has a long time span of sensible ease of use.
The toughness of the glove, moreover, makes it practical for it to withstand even the harshest work environments.

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