Outstanding features of Nitrile gloves Due to the improving living standards of most people, the knowledge of hygiene and safety is also higher. Besides, the threat of biological terrorism and other strict regulations on health care during the Covid-19 pandemic situation let people take notice of how to keep safe themselves. More and more people use gloves, leading to an increase in buyer demand. In the rubber glove manufacturing industry, the most common name mentioned is Nitrile gloves.

Nitrile medical gloves

What is nitrile medical gloves?

Nitrile medical gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber and formed during processing with the same effect of temperature and chemicals as latex gloves. However, they are latex-free, so they are hypoallergenic in some people with latex sensitivities. Nitrile gloves have good water and oil resistance, so these Nitrile gloves are widely used in all industries that require standards of hygiene and safety such as medical, healthcare, food processing, chemicals, etc.

Nitrile medical gloves

Outstanding features of Nitrile gloves

Outstanding puncture resistance

Nitrile gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber. Their elasticity and durability are higher than other disposable gloves. However, once they puncture, they would be completely torn.

Good prevention of exposure to harmful chemicals 

Nitrile rubber, also known as Nitrile-butadiene rubber (RBN), is an oil-resistant synthetic rubber and is manufactured from homologs of two types, acrylonitrile, and butadiene. This rubber is used in fuel pipes, the manufacture of rubber seals for shafts, and other products where oil resistance is an essential requirement for the material.

As a result, nitrile gloves also have good resistance to vegetable oils and are resistant to corrosion before many types of acid. Therefore, this type of glove is widely used in many fields that require high protection such as the chemical industry, medical, industrial, or laboratory.

Longer Shelf Life

Another highlight of Nitrile gloves is their long shelf life. Nitrile is a very strong and durable material used to manufacture high-quality gloves. You can buy a large number of nitrile gloves without worrying too much about the expiration date or time affecting the quality of the gloves. Under the right storage conditions, such as the temperature from 10 to 30-celsius degrees, avoid direct sunlight… The shelf life of nitrile gloves can be up to 5 years.

Safe and non-irritating to the skin

Nitrile gloves do not contain latex in their component, which causes skin irritation. Therefore, it is suitable for the majority of wearers, including those with a history of allergy to latex rubber.

Snug Fit and Comfortable 

Nitrile gloves fit perfectly on your hands. The gloves conform to the shape of your hand and react to your body temperature to ensure a snug comfortable fit. You can wear nitrile gloves to work for a long time without any uncomfortable feeling.

Benefits of Nitrile medical gloves

The advantage of Nitrile gloves over traditional disposable gloves is that it is extremely durable, has good elasticity, and have good chemical resistance. They help users limit the risk of protein allergy and pollution caused by dust and ions in the air.

Especially with the design of finger textured, nitrile gloves have a good anti-slip effect. It makes them ideal for a variety of applications such as gripping medical tools during examinations and procedures. Even using both layers of these gloves to increase work efficiency, does not compromise this flexibility.

Nitrile gloves are widely applied in many fields of life from medical, food, electronics to large industries such as electronics, clean rooms. It can be said that nitrile gloves are an indispensable item of workers in the process of working in clean rooms, industrial parks, or, factories.

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