In the last few years, the glove manufacturing industry has seen a consolidation trend that has resulted in the formation of a few manufacturing companies that have grown stronger. As a result, the industry has achieved steady growth. Malaysia is the largest producer of rubber gloves in the world, accounting for about 50 to 55% of the global market share. It is estimated that every year more than 100 billion or 50 billion pairs of gloves are sold around the world. Each year the global glove manufacturing industry grows 10 to 12%. Nitrile medical gloves

Nitrile medical glovesile medical glove

Due to the improvement of people’s living standards, the understanding of hygiene and safety is also higher, the threat of biological terrorism and other strict regulations on health care ( such as the current SARS virus, which transmits influenza in humans and, more recently, avian influenza). From the above problems, more and more people use gloves, leading to an increase in buying demand. In the rubber glove manufacturing industry, the most common type that is mentioned is the Nitrile medical glove.

What is nitrile medical gloves?

Nitrile medical gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber and formed during processing with the same effect of temperature and chemicals as Latex gloves, but they do not contain Latex, so medical gloves Nitrile cells are hypoallergenic in some people with latex sensitivities.
Nitrile medical gloves have good water resistance and oil resistance, so this Vglove Nitrile glove is widely used in all industries that require high hygiene and safety such as testing, dental and service processes. health care services as well as non-medical professions such as industries or food processing, labor protection, etc.
Nitrile medical gloves

Highlight outstanding features

  • Outstanding puncture resistance: Nitrile medical gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber, so their elasticity and durability will be higher than conventional medical gloves. usually different. However, if they have been punctured, they will be completely torn.
  • Good prevention of exposure to harmful chemicals: because the composition of Nitrile medical gloves contains many different substances, including substances that are resistant to grease and chemicals. Because of that, this type of medical gloves is widely used in many fields with high protection requirements such as direct contact with many chemicals of the chemical, medical, industrial or laboratory industries. experience,…
  • High temperature resistance: Nitrile medical gloves have the ability to withstand high temperatures, so it can solve the weaknesses of other protective gloves that can only be used at high temperatures.
  • Safe and non-irritating to the skin: the ingredients to make up Nitrile medical gloves have been removed from harmful ingredients that can easily cause skin irritation such as Protein. Therefore, it is guaranteed to be suitable for the majority of users, including those with a history of allergy to Latex gloves (gloves are made from natural rubber).
  • Easy-to-see colors: This type of medical gloves usually has 2 colors, blue and black to help easily identify when puncture or deterioration.
  • In addition, Nitrile gloves also have a few other outstanding properties such as resistance to solvents, anti-static and abrasion resistance. Nitrile rubber, also known as Nitrile-butadiene rubber (RBN), is an oil-resistant synthetic rubber and is manufactured from a homolog of two types, acrylonitrile and butadiene. This rubber is used in fuel pipes, the manufacture of rubber seals or shafts, and other products whose oil resistance is an essential requirement for the material.
  • In addition to being resistant to oils such as petroleum and aromatic hydrocarbons, this Nitrile NBR rubber also has good resistance to vegetable oils and many other acids.
  • It also has good elongation properties as well as high resilience to tension and compression, so they are also used in the production of Nitrile gloves. In addition to the name Nitrile or NBR, but some people also call them Buna-N, and those operating in the field of industrial cleanrooms often call Nitrile rubber with a simpler name, Nitrile.

Benefits of Nitrile medical gloves

To support the working process of employees in the clean room. Therefore, the advantage of this Nitrile medical glove compared to traditional plastic gloves is that it is extremely durable, has good elasticity and is not easily damaged. They also help users limit the risk of protein allergies and pollution caused by dust and ions in the air.
Especially with the design of the textured fingertip, which has anti-slip effect, making it easy for users to hold items. They are capable of providing bare-handed comfort, ensuring ease of use and the flexibility to use both layers of this glove to increase work efficiency. Using PVC and recyclable rubber, this cleanroom Nitrile medical glove is widely used. On average, each factory and company uses more than a few hundred boxes of these gloves per year. Here are some uses of Nitrile medical gloves that customers can refer to as:
  • Made from quality rubber and PVC, it has good electrical insulation to help protect workers when exposed to static electricity in clean rooms.
  • Used in clean rooms from class 10 to class 1000.
  • Support employees in semiconductor production stages.
  • Widely applied in many areas of life from medical, food, electronic, PCB printing process to large industries such as electronics and clean room.
  • Nitrile medical gloves are an indispensable item for employees in the process of working in clean rooms, industrial areas or factories.

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